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Číslo 12 / 2015

The Vojta Method

Datum: 7. 12. 2015
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The Vojta Method

This method is also known as the reflex locomotion method. It is a corpus of exercises intended for the treatment of movement and mental disorders developed by Dr Vaclav Vojta. Vojta therapy is suitable for children diagnosed for example with cerebral palsy (CP), brachial plexus injury, spina bifida, scoliosis etc., and for adults with conditions following cerebrovascular accident (CVA), spinal cord injuries, or with other neurological disorders.


Patient: Good morning, nurse. We've come for a check-up.

Nurse: Good morning, Ms Bauer. OK. Take a seat. It’s your turn in a moment.


Patient: I have a question. My daughter was born with congenital hip dislocation and suffers from movement disorder. A specialist advised us to follow the Vojta method of exercises, but I still don't know exactly what it is.

Nurse: The doctor will explain everything to you and she will also refer you to a physiotherapist, who will teach the Vojta method to you. But briefly, it consists of exercises based on the fact that there are stored movement patterns in the human body that can be activated by pressure to defined zones on the body, or by the stretching of certain muscles.


Patient: And does it really help?

Nurse: Yes, this method is unquestionably effective. Just through regular exercise, this method has helped a significant amount of children with similar disorders to reach a point where the problem either disappeared after several years or the child made remarkable progress.


Patient: And does it hurt?

Nurse: Babies often cry during stimulation as they are forced into positions they don't like. But it is essential to persevere, because the method is really efficient.


Patient: Ok. And for how long are we supposed to do the exercises?

Nurse: It is recommended to practice the exercises four times a day for 5-20 minutes. Well, the doctor will explain everything to you. You can go in now.


Patient: Great! Thank you very much!

It’s your turn

jste na řadě, je řada na vás

to advise

poradit, radit

to refer to

doporučit, poslat (ke specialistovi)


stručně, krátce

to consist of

skládat se, sestávat z čeho


uložený (v paměti)


vzorec, model, vzor


protahování, protažení


nesporně, bezpochyby


významný, značný, výrazný; zásadní

to disappear

zmizet, ztratit se


výrazný, pozoruhodný

to hurt



nucený; vynucený; křečovitý


nezbytný, nutný; hlavní, základní, podstatný

to persevere


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