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Venous leg ulcer

Datum: 1. 2. 2016
Autor: Traductera
Venous leg ulcer

Venous leg ulcerations are a very common problem both in patients in primary health care and in hospitalised patients. The prevalence of venous leg ulcers ranges from 0.6 to 1.6/1000 adults and increases up to 10-30/1000 adults over 85. Given the trend of an ageing population, effective treatment and the right care of venous leg ulcers is becoming a more pressing matter.

Patient: Good morning, nurse. I've been told by the hospital that I have a venous leg ulcer. That's why I'd like to ask you what it is and how it is cured.

Nurse: Good morning, Ms Vernon. Venous leg ulcer is a long-lasting, chronic condition, which is often recurrent. The treatment depends on the type and the cause of the ulcer. According to your medical records, yours is a case of neuropathic ulceration. You have diabetes, don't you?

Patient: Yes, and hypertension. How is it cured?

Nurse: The treatment objective is to eliminate the causes of the condition, or at least to compensate additional diseases a little. As for the local therapy, we'll first clean the wound and then we'll try to keep it in a moist environment in order to promote the healing process. This way, we'll also support blood supply and focus on the area surrounding the wound. I'll show you what materials to use and how to use them.

Patient: Ok. And when will it be cured?

Nurse: Well, that depends on a number of factors. However, with respect to your diabetes, you should expect the healing to take longer than usual.

to range from… to … pohybovat se mezi, kolísat, být v rozmezí
ageing stárnoucí; stárnutí
pressing matter palčivý, neodkladný problém, otázka, záležitost
condition onemocnění, potíže; stav; podmínka, předpoklad
recurrent opakující se, znovu se vyskytující
wound rána, zranění, poranění
in order to aby
to promote podporovat, propagovat; prosazovat; povýšit
blood supply prokrvení, zásobení krví
to focus on zaměřit se na co, soustředit se na co
surrounding okolní

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