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Číslo 12 / 2016


Datum: 12. 12. 2016
Autor: ACP Traductera

The number of couples who have trouble conceiving is increasing annually in the Czech Republic. Sometimes it helps to slow down the pace of life, change your eating habits or just quit smoking. In some cases, however, couples must undergo infertility treatment using assisted reproduction technology. Statistics show that every tenth child is born this way.

Patient: Hello, I have an appointment for an examination.

Nurse: Hello, Mrs Nováková, please take a seat, the doctor will be right with you.

Patient: I’d like to ask, how one determines infertility?

Nurse: Investigations into the causes of infertility in an otherwise healthy couple require a number of tests. A gynaecological examination is carried out to rule out developmental defects, the presence of inflammations, benign uterine tumours, myomas, or polyps, and to assess the cervix and the nature of the uterine lining. This is often accompanied by swabs for inflammatory disease agents and cancer. An ultrasound examination is also included.

Patient: And for the partner?

Nurse: The man undergoes a thorough examination and an analysis of his sperm and, if necessary, a urological examination is recommended. Naturally they both have blood tests and genetic, immunological or other specialised tests may be proposed for the couple.

Patient: If infertility is confirmed, what are the treatment options?

Nurse: There are several options. It depends on what treatment the couple is willing to undergo. Some agree to the use of tablets, but not to injection treatment; others are willing to undergo artificial insemination, but not in vitro fertilisation (IVF); and some are willing to undergo anything except the donation of eggs and sperm. In short, there are a lot of factors that can affect the choice of treatment. The doctor will explain it all to you; you can go in now.

Patient: Thank you

Nurse: You’re welcome.

to conceive počít, otěhotnět; zplodit; vymyslet
pace tempo; krok
to undergo podstoupit, podrobit se čemu; zakusit, zažít, být vystaven; doznat (změn)
otherwise jinak; v opačném případě
to rule out vyloučit
swab výtěr; tampon
thorough důkladný, detailní; pečlivý, svědomitý; dokonalý; naprostý, vyložený
willing ochoten, ochotný; poslušný, svolný


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