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Číslo 5 / 2016

Magnetic resonance imaging

Datum: 2. 5. 2016
Autor: Traductera

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a screening method used mostly in medicine to scan internal organs of the human body. Using MRI, it is possible to obtain cross-sections of a particular body part, which can be further processed and linked until obtaining the final 3D image of a given organ. MRI uses strong magnetic field and radio waves. Contrary to a CT scan, MRI does not carry any risks connected to radiation.

Patient: Good morning, nurse. My GP has sent me to have an MRI examination carried out.

Nurse: Good morning, Mr Smith. Well, can I see the form he has filled in for you?

Patient: Here it is. How is the examination performed?

Nurse: First, the doctor will go through the results of all the other examinations you have already undergone. You don't have any metal objects, such as a pacemaker, artificial joint replacement, piercing, or the like, do you?

Patient: No.

Nurse: Alright. Before the examination, you have to sign an informed consent form and then you take off your clothes, except for your underwear.  You can’t wear any metal objects, so please also remove chains, rings, glasses, and so on. Then you lie down on a moveable bed that will move you inside the scanning area. It is an approximately 60-centimetre wide tunnel. Do you suffer from claustrophobia?

Patient: No.

Nurse: Alright. During the procedure, we can talk to you through the intercom. Don't be afraid when – at times – you hear a loud thumping noise in the tunnel. It's perfectly normal. Just lie still, as it is essential not to make any movements during the examination.

Patient: All right. Thank you.

Nurse: You are welcome. Please take a seat now and wait for the doctor to come. He will also answer any other questions.

to obtain získat, dostat, obdržet
to carry out provést, vykonat; realizovat, uskutečnit
form žádanka, formulář
to fill in vyplnit
and/or the like a/či podobně
to remove sundat, sejmout; odstranit; svléknout; vyjmout; amputovat
chain řetízek; řetěz
moveable pohyblivý
intercom vnitřní, domácí telefon
thumping připomínající dunivou ránu, ránu kladivem


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