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Diet for children suffering from diarrhoea

Datum: 4. 7. 2016
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Diet for children suffering from diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is manifested by voluminous watery stools with a frequency of more than three passages a day. The stool may also contain traces of blood, pus or mucus. The biggest threat diarrhoea poses to the body is metabolic disruption and dehydration, which is particularly dangerous for children and the elderly. Acute diarrhoea can last for a maximum of four weeks; however, it usually lasts two to three days. Chronic diarrhoea persists for periods longer than four weeks.

Mother: Doctor, we came yesterday with my four-year-old daughter who had diarrhoea and was vomiting.  I forgot to ask what food I can give her.

Doctor: Good morning, Ms Wood. Patients suffering from the type of gastroenteritis that your daughter has lose liquids due to the diarrhoea and vomiting. It is therefore essential that she drinks frequently.

Mother: And what liquids are the best?

Doctor: Mild black tea is particularly suitable and you can also add some sugar. Alternately, you can give her unsweetened still mineral water. The liquids should be at a room temperature as very hot drinks provoke vomiting. Give your daughter drinks in smaller amounts, but more often. Milk and soft drinks are totally inappropriate.

Mother: And what food can I give her?

Doctor: If she doesn't want to eat, don't push her. Her digestive tract is inflamed and it doesn't fulfil its function. When her appetite returns, serve her a bread roll or French stick that is ideally one day old, not a fresh one. You can also give her boiled rice, potatoes, carrot and pasta. However, don’t use fat when preparing any of these.

Mother: And what about fruit?

Doctor: She can eat fruit as well. Banana or a peeled apple is the best. When she feels better, you can add some cooked lean meat and other foods that are low in fats and milk.

Mother: Thank you very much, doctor.

Doctor: You are welcome. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me.

voluminous objemný; rozsáhlý
watery řídký, vodový
trace stopa; náznak; záblesk
pus hnis
to persist přetrvávat; vytrvat; nepolevovat, nepřestávat
alternately střídavě
unsweetened neslazený
still neperlivý, nešumivý; nehybný, statický; tichý
soft drink limonáda, slazený perlivý nápoj
to push somebody nutit někoho, tlačit na někoho
bread roll rohlík, houska; bochánek
French stick veka, bageta
peeled oloupaný
lean libový; dietní; štíhlý, hubený
to hesitate váhat, být nerozhodný


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