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Bland diet

Datum: 23. 1. 2017
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Bland diet

A bland diet is indicated in the case of chronic gastrointestinal tract (GIT) diseases that do not require changes in the energetic intake from food or changes in the proportion of individual nutrients. The diet is indicated alongside the treatment of functional dyspepsia as well as high acidity of gastric juice, ulcer disease, complications following gastric resection, and during the dormant phase of chronic diseases of gallbladder and pancreas.

Nutritional therapist: Good morning, Mr Gates.

Patient: Good morning. I would like to ask about the bland diet, which I was prescribed.

Nutrition therapist: It is an energetically adequate diet that can be applied long-term. The diet is mechanically, chemically and thermally non-irritating. It is perfectly digestible and it consists of an adequate combination and consistence of food.

Patient: What can I eat, then?

Nutrition therapist: A variety of food. As for the preparation, cook by boiling, stewing, roasting or baking — naturally, without fat, in tin foil or in Teflon utensils. For thickener, you can use a diet form of roux (a mixture of fat and flour), potato starch or just plain potatoes.

Patient: And can I eat meat?

Nutrition therapist: Yes. Here is a list of suitable and not recommended meals. You can eat especially veal and beef with no fat, lean pork ham, chicken or turkey. As for fish, you can eat carp, fish fillet or trout. You can also eat liver or soya meat.

Patient: And what about smoked meat?

Nutrition therapist: Suitable smoked meat includes pork and poultry ham, poultry salami, poultry sausages or bland, not spicy, diet sausages or salami. There is a wide range of meals to choose. However, you should avoid fresh bread, fats, and all kinds of legumes. The fruit to be avoided includes currant berries, rhubarb, pears, and raspberries, and you should also avoid several other foods that are indicated in your list.

Patient: Alright. Thank you.

bland nedráždivý, šetřící; jemný, nevýrazný; nemastný
alongside při, u; vedle, po boku; podél
as for co se týče, pokud jde o
to stew dusit, podusit
to roast péct, opékat, restovat
tinfoil alobal, staniol
utensils nádobí, kuchyňské náčiní
thickener zahušťovadlo
roux jíška
starch škrob
veal telecí
lean libový; dietní
carp kapr
trout pstruh
smoked uzený
legumes luštěniny
currant rybíz
rhubarb rebarbora


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