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Číslo 4 / 2017

Otoplasty – Ear pinning

Datum: 3. 4. 2017
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Otoplasty – Ear pinning

Prominent ears present a congenital malformation affecting one or both auricles. According to the statistics, protruding ears are genetically determined (the deformation is hereditary in approximately 60% of patients).

Mother: Good morning, doctor. I would like to discuss the possibilities of treating prominent ears in a child.

Doctor: Good morning, Ms Clark. Is it about your son?

Mother: Yes. It's about my seven-year-old son.

Doctor: First, we have to establish the cause of the prominent ear. The ears can be pinned back, but in order to do that, I would need to send you to a plastic surgeon.

Mother: Does it hurt?

Doctor: The surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia and is well tolerated by patients.

Mother: And how much does it cost?

Doctor: The surgery is covered by insurance for children up to 10 years of age.

Mother: Good. And what would he have to undergo?

Doctor: There is a pre-operative assessment and you should also allow for some recovery time. The doctor performing the surgery will explain everything to you, but generally speaking, your son will have to wear a bandage around his head for between 10 days and two weeks and then a headband during the night for one further month. If he does any sports, he should also wear it during the activity.

Mother: And are there any complications?

Doctor: Surgical complications may occur at any time, but they are rare with this type of operation.

Mother: Alright. Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: You are welcome. I'll fill in the form for you.

to pin přišít; přišpendlit
prominent odstávající, vyčnívající; nápadný, výrazný, markantní
protruding odstávající, přečnívající, vyčnívající, vypoulený
hereditary Dědičný
to pin back přišít; napnout uši (fig.)
to allow for počítat s
bandage obvaz; obinadlo
headband Čelenka

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