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Datum: 8. 7. 2017

Contraceptive methods are as old as mankind itself. For centuries, people have tried to find a way to prevent pregnancy. Given the current growth rate, the world population will double in 40 years; and in 20 years, in some socio-economically disadvantaged countries.

Patient: Good morning, I would like to ask about the contraceptive methods and which one is the best in your opinion?

Doctor: Good morning Ms Pearson. There are several options and the most important thing is to choose the one, which will suit you best.

Patient: I would like that.

Doctor: First, we're going to examine you. Anyway, contraceptive methods can be divided into natural methods such as periodical abstinence or withdrawal method (coitus interruptus). However, these methods have limited reliability.[1] Then there are barrier methods, such as use of condom, pessary, cervical cap or diaphragm.

Patient: What is it?

Doctor: A pessary is a flexible metal ring covered with latex foil, which - after being fitted in the space between the posterior vaginal vault and symphysis - prevents the penetration of sperm into the cervix.  A cervical cap, or diaphragm, has the shape corresponding to that of the cervix, it is made of latex and works like a pessary. In both cases, it is essential to train the insertion and to keep in mind that with prolonged use, there is the risk of toxic shock syndrome. If you choose the barrier method, I recommend using condom as it also protects against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)

Patient: And what about hormonal contraception?

Doctor: This method is perhaps the most popular with young women, but the problem is that it does not protect against STDs and it can also present certain risks.

Patient: What risks?

Doctor: For instance, it can react with certain drugs, four times increase the risk of cerebrovascular accident in women suffering from migraine and it can also lead to higher blood pressure and increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

Patient: I see.

Doctor: Well, come in. Let's do the examination first.

mankind lidstvo; pokolení
to suit vyhovovat, hodit se; být vhod; slušet
withdrawal vytažení, vysunutí, vyjmutí; vybrání (peněz)
pessary pesar
cervical cap cervikální klobouček
diaphragm pesar, cervikální klobouček
prolonged dlouhodobý, dlouhotrvající; prodloužený
for instance například

[1] Pozn. překl.: Článek nezmiňuje metody přirozené antikoncepce založené na spolehlivém sledování více symptomů, např. symptotermální metodu (angl. natural family planning, jejíž spolehlivost je při správném použití až 99% -

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