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Quitting smoking

Datum: 6. 10. 2017
Quitting smoking

Just like with smoking, there are a number of myths and half-truths also linked to quitting smoking. People who fall for deceptive information often end up complicating the process of gradual cessation in vain.

Patient: Good morning, I need advice – I'd like to quit smoking, but despite having tried it several times, I always went back to it after a while. Could you tell me what might help?

Nurse: Good morning, Ms Wood. You've made the right decision and we'll surely find a way to help you. The easiest way is to turn to the closest Tobacco Addiction Treatment Centre. Wait a second; I'll give you the address and contact.

Patient: That’s very kind of you, nurse. Thank you very much. Do you know if the treatment is charged?

Nurse: Medical care in these centres is covered by public health insurance, so you don't need to pay anything. In addition, you can get the benefit of being able to buy medicine ranging from 500 to 2000 CZK.

Patient: Good. Well, I've heard that one can become addicted to those nicotine gums as much as to cigarettes; is it true?

Nurse: Nicotine in gums and in other forms of nicotine replacement therapy is released much more slowly and in much smaller amounts than in cigarette smoking, so the risk of developing an addiction to nicotine supplied in this form is minimal.

Patient: I see. And what about the combination of nicotine gums, patches etc.? Isn't it dangerous?

Nurse: Quite the opposite. The specialists recommend combining nicotine patches with gums, lozenges or nicotine sprays. It actually helps smokers to manage cigarette cravings and increases the overall success of abstinence.

Patient: How much nicotine in this form can be taken in daily?

Nurse: A specialist in the Tobacco Addiction Treatment Centre will calculate it with you. Here is the contact. Call them and they'll give you an appointment.

Patient: All right, thank you very much, nurse.

Nurse: You're welcome. Good-bye and good luck!

to quit přestat; přerušit; zastavit
half-truth polopravda
to fall for podlehnout, dát se nachytat
deceptive mylný; klamný; ošidný; zrádný
cessation skončení; přerušení; zastavení
in vain zbytečně, marně
despite přes, nehledě na, navzdory
go back to vrátit se k
to charge zpoplatnit, účtovat
covered hrazený, placený; pokrytý
ranging v rozsahu, v rozmezí
to release uvolnit, uvolňovat; vypustit
patch náplast
quite the opposite právě naopak
lozenge pastilka
craving touha

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