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Telephone-assisted fi rst aid

Datum: 6. 4. 2018
Telephone-assisted fi rst aid

Telephone-assisted first aid instructs the callers or witnesses to provide first aid to a person in need, according to the situation and possibilities. It is one of the fundamental roles of a medical operation centre.

Operator: Prague Emergency Medical Service.

Caller: Good morning. A car has just knocked a child down on a pedestrian crossing. What shall we do?

Operator: Where are you?

Caller: At Výtoň, at the tram stop. The cars were just setting off on green, and the boy just ran out into the road. The car was only driving slowly and the boy did get up after a while.He’s sitting on a bench now but anyway, I'm not sure whether it would be better if you came.

Operator: Is the boy conscious?

Caller: Yes, he's communicating with us, but he doesn't remember what happened.

Operator: Is he breathing normally? Has he got any visible injuries?

Caller: I think he can breathe normally. He's not bleeding, but he says his head and leg hurt, and that he wants to sleep. He’s just vomited.

Operator: Ok. Hold on, an ambulance is on its way. Make sure he’s not inhaling the vomit and try to keep him conscious. Talk to him and encourage him to answer you. How old is he?

Caller: He says he's eleven.

Operator :Good. Is he still vomiting?

Caller: No, he says it's alright now, but he wants to sleep.

Operator: Don't let him fall asleep and don't move him too much. The ambulance shoul be there any minute.

Caller: Ok. The police have already arrived. Can we give him something to drink? He says he's thirsty.

Operator: No, don't give him anything to drink or eat.

Caller: Ok. The ambulance has just arrived. Thank you and goodbye.

Operator: Great. Now my colleagues will take care of him. Goodbye.

caller volající, telefonující; návštěvník
witness svědek,
to provide poskytnout,
to knock down srazit
pedestrian crossing přechod pro chodce
bench lavička, lavice
to hold on počkat
on its way na cestě
thirsty žíznivý; mít žízeň

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