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Travelling during Pregnancy

Datum: 5. 11. 2017
Travelling during Pregnancy

More and more pregnant women travel abroad, including to developing countries. However, there is no certainty for any woman that the pregnancy will be without complications, both at home or abroad. According to the WHO data, up to 15% of pregnant women are at risk of more severe complications.

Patient: Good morning, doctor. I'd like to ask you if I can go on a seaside holiday, even though I'm pregnant.

Doctor: Good morning, Ms White. You are in the fourth month, aren't you? And when and where would you like to travel?

Patient: Yes, I am. My husband and I would like to go to Thailand in three weeks.

Doctor: As far as I can see, you didn't get any preventive vaccination before becoming pregnant, am I right?

Patient: No, I only have common vaccinations. Can I get vaccinated now?

Doctor: No, you can't. Normally in pregnancy, a woman can get vaccinated only against influenza (flu) and pertussis (whooping cough). But if you are interested in more detailed information on vaccination, I'd recommend you contact your nearest Vaccination and Travel Medicine Centre. In any case, bear in mind that during pregnancy your immune system is in a weakened state, and due to this you are more susceptible to infection. If you indeed choose to travel, you should take all possible preventive measures to avoid infection and the potential need for hospitalisation in a foreign country.

Patient: Why?

Doctor: Because, particularly in developing countries, there is a high risk of getting an infection in the hospital or being administered drugs that can harm your baby. The standard of their equipment is also often low.

Patient: So, when is it most suitable to travel in pregnancy?

Doctor: When travelling to exotic destinations, it is from the 18th to the 24th week of pregnancy. However, you must avoid areas with malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, zika virus and sleeping sickness. In any case, the best thing to do is to consult a Vaccination and Travel Medicine Centre. Here are their contact details.

Patient: Good. Thank you very much.

Doctor: You're welcome.

developing rozvojový
even though i když, přestože
to bear in mind mít na paměti
due to vzhledem k čemu, kvůli čemu, pro co
susceptible náchylný, se sklonem k; vystavený; přístupný
indeed opravdu, vskutku
measure opatření, krok; míra; měřítko
to administer (drugs) podávat (léky)
to harm poškodit, ublížit, způsobit poškození
destination destinace; cíl cesty; cílová stanice

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