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Dupuytren's contracture

Datum: 31. 8. 2017
Dupuytren's contracture

Dupuytren's contracture is a condition when palpable fibrous nodules (small lumps) and cords start to form in the palm or in the fingers of an affected hand. These nodules then make it impossible to extend the fingers. The disease is not painful, but it is limiting for the patient. The contracture of fingers develops gradually over several months or years. Thickened fibrous cords in the palm and fingers shorten (contract) and make it more and more difficult to extend the fingers.

Patient: Good morning, doctor. I need advice – lately, I've been having troubles to extend the ring finger of my right hand.

Doctor: Good morning, Mr Fisher. Let me see it.

Patient: I thought it would pass, but instead, it seems to be getting worse. It doesn't hurt, but it is quite a nuisance not to be able to extend the finger.

Doctor: Yes. It looks like Dupuytren's contracture.

Patient: What is it?

Doctor: It is a disease affecting hands, characteristic with nodules and contracting cords in the palm and fingers. Thickened fibrous cords in the palm and fingers shorten (contract) and make it more and more difficult to extend the fingers, just as you're experiencing now. 

Patient: And is there any cure for it?

Doctor: Yes. In early stages of the disease, the treatment consists in splinting, pressure massages and rehabilitation, but these procedures don't have any significant effect. In later stages, such as yours, it is necessary to remove the collagen fibres from the contracture, and this is mostly done surgically.

Patient: So I need to undergo a surgery?

Doctor: Yes, it seems inevitable in your case. But we'll see what the surgeon says. I'll give you a referral for the surgeon.

Patient: Good. Thank you.

palpable hmatatelný
lump hrudka, chuchvalec; boule, otok
cord pruh, provaz, šňůra
palm dlaň
to extend natáhnout, protáhnout; roztáhnout; prodloužit; prostírat se
gradually postupně
thickened ztluštělý
to pass přejít, pominout (nemoc)
instead místo, namísto
nuisance mrzutost, nepříjemnost, otrava
inevitable nevyhnutelný, nutný, neodvratný
referral doporučení

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