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Seborrheic verruca

Datum: 1. 9. 2014
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Seborrheic verruca

Senile wart (seborrheic verruca or seborrheic keratosis) is a skin growth, slightly dark in colour that ranges in size from several millimetres to 1-2 centimetres and is usually located on the head, face and body. The lesions are benign and appear in large numbers, typically in people aged 50 and over.

Patient: Good morning, doctor.

Doctor: Good morning, Mr Becker. What can I do for you?

Patient: I have some dark brown spots on my head, on my temple and on my face. They look like birthmarks and they sometimes itch.  I don't know what they are. I'm afraid it could be cancer.

Doctor: OK, let's have a look.

(After the examination)

Doctor: You don't need to be afraid, Mr Becker. These are so-called senile warts.

Patient: What are they?

Doctor: They are the most common benign brown skin growths in adults, which tend to appear in old age. It is basically a sign of aging. Senile warts typically appear as numerous growths often found on the face and chest.

Patient: OK, so what happens now? Is it possible to remove them?

Doctor: Yes, surgically. They can be removed either with curettage or by scraping off using a sharp curette, or by excision, which means cutting them out.

Patient: Does it hurt?

Doctor: Curettage is almost painless while excision is performed under local anaesthesia. The small cut created by excision is then stitched up and strapped up.

Patient: How long does it take to heal?

Doctor: It depends on the location of the treated tissue. But normally, it takes 1-2 weeks to heal. You can go to the nurse to make an appointment for the removal. Is that all right? If it itches a lot, I can prescribe you an ointment. Would you like some?

Patient: No, thank you, doctor. It's not that bad. Thank you very much and see you soon.

Doctor: See you.

wart bradavice
growth výrůstek; nádor
temple spánek (anat.)
birthmark mateřské znaménko
to itch svědit, škrábat
so-called takzvaný
aging stárnutí
chest hrudník
remove odstranit,
to scrape off seškrábnout, vyškrábnout
to cut out vyříznout, odříznout
to hurt bolet; ublížit, zranit; urazit; zarmoutit
painless bezbolestný
to stitch up sešít
to strap up zalepit (náplastí)
to heal hojit se, zahojit se; léčit (se)
ointment mast, mazání

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