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Číslo 3 / 2016

Breast Augmentation

Datum: 14. 3. 2016
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Breast Augmentation

Since time immemorial, women's breasts have been a symbol of beauty and femininity. Shape, symmetry and size can have significant influence on a woman's psyche, especially if she starts feeling there are abnormalities or deficiencies – either in her opinion or in the opinion of others. Such problems have virtually no other solution than surgery. Breast augmentation using implants is an extremely effective procedure for women with underdeveloped breasts, or for cases of decreased fat and mammary gland due to breastfeeding or weight loss. Breast augmentation also offers a solution in cases of breast asymmetry.

Patient: Good morning, doctor. I am considering breast augmentation and I would like to ask what such a surgery involves and how it is performed.

Doctor: Good morning, Ms Wood. Breast augmentation can be done once the development of the mammary gland is completed – which usually occurs between the age of 18 and 19. However, it is not advised to plan a pregnancy within a year after the breast plastic surgery.

Patient: I see. And why not?

Doctor: During pregnancy, significant changes in volume take place, and the skin mantle of the breast, as well as the fibrous structure of the gland, can be severely and irreversibly damaged by these changes in quick succession. Breast augmentation can also have an adverse effect on the function of the gland during breastfeeding, particularly with regard to sufficient milk supply

Patient: So it is better to postpone the augmentation until after having children, right?

Doctor: Yes. Ideally, a woman should start thinking about the size and the shape of her breasts once she is not planning any more pregnancies.

Patient: Ok. So I'd rather postpone it until a couple of years later. And just for information – does the surgery leave scars?

Doctor: If you are planning to get pregnant, postponing is the best thing to do. Regarding scars, it depends on where the incision to insert the implant is made. This also affects the size and the visibility of scars. But we would deal with this only after you have decided to undergo the surgery.

Patient: Ok. Thank you very much for the information, doctor. Good-bye.

Doctor: You are welcome. Good-bye.

since time immemorial odnepaměti, odjakživa
deficiency nedostatek
virtually prakticky
to consider uvažovat; vzít v úvahu; považovat
to involve obnášet, zahrnovat; vyžadovat
once jakmile; jednou
to occur udát se, stát se, dojít k čemu, odehrát se
to take place dojít k čemu, konat se
severely vážně, těžce
irreversibly nezvratně
to damage poškodit
in quick succession v rychlém sledu, rychle po sobě
supply zásoba, dodávka
to postpone odložit; odročit
until dokud, až, než
regarding ohledně čeho
to deal with vyřešit; zabývat se čím; vyřídit
to undergo podstoupit, podrobit se; zakusit

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