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Dental Hygiene

Datum: 7. 4. 2014
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Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene can be performed by a specially trained dental hygienist or by a dentist. It is not an aesthetic procedure, but actual dental treatment. A dental hygienist is a qualified healthcare practitioner who works independently but cooperates with the dentist and provides patients with prevention and education regarding oral hygiene.

Dentist: Well, Mr. Freeman, see you again at the check-up in six months. I will also make you an appointment with our dental hygienist.

Patient: Is it necessary, doctor? I know how to brush my teeth...

Dentist: But a dental hygienist not only teaches you correct tooth brushing technique, Mr. Freeman.

Patient: Well, what else does she do?

Dentist: First, she will assess your oral hygiene condition. The most common method to indicate the state of your oral health is a gingival bleeding index. She will also check your teeth for caries, as I do, and then she will remove all supragingival calculus. It can be most often found on the lingual surface of the lower anterior teeth and almost everyone has it. If she finds it appropriate, she may also perform air abrasion.

Patient: But I don't want to whiten my teeth.

Dentist: Air abrasion is not the same as tooth whitening. Air abrasion removes the remains of tartar and even tooth pigmentation caused by food or smoking, using very soft abrasive particles. In the case of advanced periodontitis, which is not a problem you have, it would be necessary to consult with me regarding the procedure.

Patient: Is it painful?

Dentist: No, it isn't. It is only slightly unpleasant.

Patient: And what about tooth brushing? I've heard that dental hygienists teach you how to brush your teeth properly.

Dentist: Yes, detailed training of the tooth brushing technique is also part of the hygienist's service. The basic prerequisite for healthy teeth and gums is careful homecare. The dental hygienist will also help you choose the right toothbrush, interdental brush and other tools.

Patient: I see. Well, I'm really curious. How much does it cost?

Dentist: We charge 1,000 CZK for dental hygiene.

Patient: Ok. Can you make an appointment for me then, please?

Dentist: There is an appointment available in one month. Is it OK for you?

Patient: Yes, it is. Thank you and see you!

Dentist: Bye.

actual skutečný
to provide with poskytnout komu co
make an appointment objednat (na návštěvu), domluvit schůzku, návštěvu
to assess ohodnotit, posoudit
appropriate vhodný, příhodný; náležitý; odpovídající
particle částečka, částice
slightly trochu, mírně, poněkud, nepatrně
properly pořádně, řádně, úplně; náležitě, vhodně
prerequisite předpoklad
tool pomůcka; nástroj, náčiní
curious zvědavý; podivný, zvláštní, kuriózní
to charge účtovat
available volný, dostupný; k dispozici

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