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Číslo 6 / 2015

Basal Stimulation

Datum: 8. 6. 2015
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Basal Stimulation

Basal stimulation provides the patients with clear, targeted information (stimuli) regarding themselves or their surroundings, which is considered elementary (basal) for them. Basal stimulation is a concept that has gained recognition in many European countries and is used in education and nursing care.

Client: Good morning, nurse. My father is hospitalised in the intensive care unit after having a stroke. The doctor said that patients like him are treated using basal stimulation. So I wanted to ask what it is.

Nurse: Good morning, Ms Humphrey. That's right, we started using the concept of basal stimulation several years ago.


Client: What is it and how does it work?

Nurse: This method is performed out by our specially trained professionals on patients who have suffered brain damage, a cerebrovascular accident, as well as patients who are in a coma. They gradually stimulate the patient's temporarily lost perception by using specifically defined techniques and methods not only when providing the care, but also as a part of hygiene, rehabilitation, feeding etc.


Client: I see. So, you do some kind of exercise with them, don't you?

Nurse: The healthcare professionals trained in the concept of basal stimulation use a wide range of aids to facilitate communication with the patients and make it more effective. For example, they play their favourite songs, and voice recordings; they use haptic, taste or smell stimulation – for instance by using their favourite scent, and so on.


Client: Can I be of help somehow?

Nurse: Of course. We would be more than happy for you to cooperate with us. You can help either by telling us what colours, smells, sounds and things your father likes, or also by taking part in nursing him. 


Client: Of course, I'd be happy to help.

Nurse: Very well. Hold on a minute, I'll call my colleagues who'll explain the details to you.


Client: Ok, thank you very much.





okolí; prostředí

to gain recognition

dosáhnout uznání




dočasně, provizorně


široký; velký; rozsáhlý


řada, škála; sortiment, paleta; rozpětí, rozsah


nahrávka; záznam

for instance



vůně, aroma; pach, zápach

to hold on

počkat, vydržet

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