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Číslo 4 / 2016

Total knee replacement

Datum: 4. 4. 2016
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Total knee replacement

Total knee replacement is surgery during which the damaged parts of the knee joint are replaced with artificial pieces. During the surgery the muscles and cartilage of the knee joint are gently removed, the knee joint is opened and the ends of the thigh bone and the shin bone are shaped to fit the artificial parts, and cemented with a special bone cement.

Patient: Good morning, nurse. The doctor told me that I have to undergo knee surgery, so I came to ask what to expect.

Nurse: Good morning, Mr Smith. Take a seat for a while, the doctor will be ready for you in a moment.

Patient: Thank you. Nurse, can you tell me what knee joint replacement surgery involves?

Nurse: The doctor will explain everything to you. But briefly, total knee replacement is usually performed in patients with advanced arthrosis when other types of treatment are no longer effective. An artificial knee joint is not equal to a normal healthy knee joint, but it is almost as good. The main effect of surgery for the patients is significant, long-term relief from pain.

Patient: Really? That would be wonderful, the pain is unbearable. And how long can the prosthesis last?

Nurse: Approximately 85-90% of total replacements last more than 10 years.

Patient: And do you think I will be able to go hiking again? It's my hobby.

Nurse: Yes, the artificial knee joint allows patients to return to their regular sport or working activities.

Patient: That's wonderful!

Nurse: See it for yourself. The doctor will explain everything to you. You can go in now.

Patient: Thank you very much.


to fit

nasadit, namontovat; nainstalovat

to involve

obnášet; zahrnovat


krátce, stručně

no longer

už ne


rovný, stejný


úleva, zmírnění; pomoc, podpora; uvolnění


nesnesitelný; neúnosný; hrozný

to last

vydržet; trvat; stačit


pěší turistika

to allow

umožnit, dovolit, povolit

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