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Číslo 3 / 2017

Taking Care of a Removable Denture

Datum: 6. 3. 2017
Autor: Traductera
Taking Care of a Removable Denture

In addition to correct oral hygiene and care of a removable denture it is also essential for a patient to learn how to put it into their mouth and take it out properly. The best way is to follow the dentist's direct instructions given in the surgery.

Patient: Good morning, doctor. I would like to know how to take proper care of my removable denture.

Doctor: Good morning, Mr Danes. The care is the same as taking care of your natural teeth. This means that you have to keep it perfectly clean. First thing, however, is to learn how to take it out and put it back correctly.

Patient: All right. How is it done?

Doctor: Put the clean and moistened denture into your mouth with both hands and apply steady pressure on both the right and left side while pushing it towards the gum. Bite and make sure the denture is in the right place by moving your lips and cheeks. If it is not, repeat the process. You have a denture for the upper jaw, so after putting it back into your mouth, bite, swallow, make a few movements with your cheeks and try to suck up the air from below of the denture, that is from the “fissure” between the gum and the denture. Repeat this procedure several times in order to learn it.

Patient: All right. And what if the denture falls out?

Doctor: You can use one of the denture fixatives (or adhesives) that are available on the market to improve the fit of your denture.

Patient: And when I want to take it out? How do I do this?

Doctor: Taking out is done by gripping it with both hands and by pulling it downwards to release it from its position.

Patient: How do I clean it?

Doctor: First, clean the denture mechanically using a soft toothbrush under running water and then place it in a glass of cool water in which you have previously immersed a special denture cleansing tablet. Keep your denture clean and soak it in a glass of water when you’re not wearing it.

Patient: OK, thank you very much, doctor.

Doctor: You are welcome. If you are unsure what to do at any stage, just come back.

properly řádně, patřičně, náležitě, vhodně
surgery ordinace; chirurgie; operace
moistened navlhčený
towards směrem k, k, na; vůči
to bite kousnout, kousat, skousnout; pokousat; poštípat; uštknout
cheek tvář, líce
to swallow polknout, spolknout, polykat
to suck up vysát, odsát
fissure štěrbina; prasklina, trhlina
fixative fixace, fixační prostředek (pasta)
adhesive lepidlo
fit upevnění, držení; padnutí
to grip uchopit
downwards směrem dolů
running water tekoucí voda
to immerse ponořit
to soak namočit, namáčet

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