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Číslo 10 / 2016


Datum: 3. 10. 2016
Autor: Traductera

Angina (angina pectoris) is one of the forms of coronary heart disease (CHD). Its cause is a restricted blood (and subsequently oxygen) supply to the muscles of the heart, when ischaemia of the heart muscles occurs due to the restriction in the supply of oxygen. In most cases, angina is the consequence of coronary artery atherosclerosis, when the arteries are significantly constricted by sclerotic lesions and do not allow increase in blood flow under strain.

Nurse: Good morning, Mr Crow. What's the matter with you?

Patient: Good morning, nurse. I feel persistent chest pain and I am breathless even when moving just a little. I fear that there might be something wrong with my heart.

Nurse: Take a seat; the doctor will examine you in a minute.

Patient: Thank you, nurse. My mother had heart disease; she was treated for angina. Tell me – is it possible that I have it, too?

Nurse: Well, it can only be confirmed by examination. Angina pectoris is detected, among other things, using an ECG (electrocardiogram) and a coronary angiography, if necessary.

Patient: And if it were confirmed, what would it mean?

Nurse: You would have to follow a series of measures involving your regime, particularly you would have to stop smoking and to take medication that helps to reduce the risk of complications and improve your quality of life. There are several methods that do not involve medication. The doctor will explain it to you. You can enter the office now.

Patient: Alright. Thank you very much, nurse.


due to kvůli, z důvodu, vzhledem k
consequence důsledek, následek
strain zátěž, námaha; tlak; zatížení; vypětí
persistent neustálý, vytrvalý, nepolevující
breathless udýchaný, zadýchaný
to fear bát se, obávat se; strachovat se
to confirm potvrdit
to detect zjistit, objevit, odhalit
series řada, sada; série; cyklus; edice
measure opatření, krok; míra; množství; měřítko
involving zahrnující, týkající se


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