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Číslo 12 / 2017

Hand and Wrist Rehabilitation

Datum: 4. 12. 2017
Autor: Traductera
Hand and Wrist Rehabilitation

You can start rehabilitating your hand and wrist immediately after the injury. Some action, which will lead to faster recovery and restoration of normal functions of the injured limb, can be taken at the very beginning. Immediately after the injury, it is necessary to ice the hand. If there is pain in your hand and wrist, a good idea is to immobilise them and keep them elevated, because soft tissues – especially those on the back of your hand – swell very quickly.

Patient: Good morning, doctor.

Doctor: Good morning, Mr Hanks. You've come for the follow-up with your wrist, haven't you?

Patient: Yes, I got the plaster cast removed yesterday. In the hospital, they've told me to do some exercises with the hand, so I wanted to ask how to do those.

Doctor: I'll send you to the rehabilitation unit, they'll help you there. There are a couple of simple exercises you can do to train your fingers as well as the healed wrist.

Patient: And what are those exercises?

Doctor: For example, bending your wrist down with assistance. Place the elbow of the injured hand on the table. Using the other hand, hold the front part of your forearm with a thumb and help to bend the wrist down with the rest of the hand. Press the thumb with such force until you feel pain. Hold the limit position for ten seconds, and then return to the initial position. Repeat the exercise in two to three sets of the exercise twice or three times a day. However, there is a whole range of similar exercises. This is only one of them.

Patient: Good. And will they tell me about the rest of them at the rehabilitation unit?

Doctor: Yes, of course. They'll show you all the exercises and also suggest how often and for how long you should do them. Here is a recommendation form for you.

Patient: Good. Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: You're most welcome. And if there are complications or the hand still hurts, don't hesitate to come.

Patient: Ok. Good bye.

Doctor: Good bye.

wrist zápěstí
recovery znovunabytí; zotavení, uzdravení
restoration navrácení, vrácení; renovace
limb končetina, úd
to ice ledovat
elevated zdvižený, zvednutý, zdvihnutý, vyvýšený
follow-up kontrola, následná prohlídka
plaster cast sádra
to remove sundat, sejmout, odstranit, dát pryč
healed zhojený, zahojený, vyléčený
to bend ohnout, ohýbat; pokrčit; sklonit
elbow loket; ohbí, zákrut
forearm předloktí
set série, sada; souprava; kolekce
whole range celá řada, škála
to suggest doporučit; navrhnout, navrhovat
recommendation form doporučení, doporučenka
to hesitate váhat; zdráhat se, rozpakovat se; být nerozhodný

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